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Posted: October 12, 2012 in Atomorpher

Welcome to the blog of Steve McLain (me).  I’m creating this space primarily to function as a location to comment on the craft, to discuss ideas, and to provide myself another spot to get words out.

Writing has always been a passion, but now, I’m finally pushing to make it a profession.  I do many things, but writing has been the most consistent aspect of my identity.  Since I was a kid, I enjoyed writing and creating.  I won first place in the Young Author’s competition at my elementary school and that was all the inspiration I needed.  Since that time, I’ve done a huge amount of writing, world building, and idea manufacturing.  Every project has yielded a better handle on the craft, but I never completed anything.  I am now committing myself to finishing my current work.

At present, I am writing a series called Atomorpher (this is a working title that will probably change).  The mechanical basis for the story is revolves around a few unique magic systems, each powerful, but vastly different.  Unified, these magics bear heroic, or nefarious, human beings.

Atomorpher is set in a world not unlike our own was some 250 years ago.  Technology for the period reflects that of the eighteenth century, but is supplemented by the magics available.

Goals for the book:  interesting bad guys; imperfect heroes; complex and believable motivations; a timeless story.


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