Losing Your Work

Two years ago, my laptop computer died.  On it was all my notes, outline, character profiles, histories, magic system blueprints, and the main body of my book.  I wasn’t worried, though.  I had backed everything up to an external hard drive religiously.  I just went and pulled that 500 gig drive off the shelf and hooked it up.

As fate would have it, I found out that day that my hard drive was bad too.  Nothing I did could revive it and I left without the work I’d spent years building.

It was a serious blow to my morale.  I didn’t recover for over a year.  Finally, I realized that it could be interpreted as an opportunity rather than the death to my writing career.  How’s that?

I’d spent years building something that was never quite right.  Any time there was a need to change it, it would have this butterfly effect, causing the need for revision throughout my entire infrastructure.  With all that gone, I could focus instead on writing the book, relying on my memory for the details.  This was useful because when a change was needed, I could just modify my thinking and it would populate throughout my mind–self-populating information.

I started to get back into writing and began loving it again.

Tonight, I went to open my book and pick up where I’d left off, but the document that opened was missing all of yesterday’s edits and additions.  The discouragement came back and I threw up my hands.

I use box.com as my cloud-based backup system now.  It provides me with the ability to edit in the cloud, saving my work to the internet for me so I don’t have to go through the pain of backing it up every time I close my computer.  It’s worked flawlessly for months, but today I learned that there must be some flaw.

Instead of giving in to my discouragement, I decided to write a post here–a blog I’d forgotten about until today.  I found this again when I went to comment on Aaron Gansky’s blog.  It recognized my email address as a registered account and here it was.

I’ll continue working on this book, but man, technology is sure a big let down.  Have you had any experiences like this?


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  1. Absolutely. I have been saving role play stories on a group forum on imvu for..well over 3 and a half years, and thankfully, I moved most of it to wordpress, but the group on the old site, got hit about..two months ago, all the stories gone. Had it not been for wordpress, I would have lost the lot. So, I know how it feels, I really do.

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