Creating a Superhuman Brain…with Drugs

Diet, exercise, and sleep aside, there is another tool to gain that mental clarity needed to write well: drugs.

There is a growing trend for professionals to take drugs like Provigil (a drug prescribed to patients with narcolepsy), Ritalin, or Adderall (drugs prescribed most often to kids with attention deficit disorders).  According to Tim Ferriss (the author of the 4-Hour Work Week), Provigil has been prescribed to a significant number of Olympic sprinters–I doubt that there are so many Olympic sprinters with narcolepsy.

I’ll mention that a common theme in many talks on utilizing drugs to enhance brain function is that for every gain that you make with enhancements like these there is a trade-off.  Side effects include things like severe drain on energy and concentration levels after taking something like Provigil, i.e. for one day of increased brain function, you will need a day to recover.

Some of us drink coffee or espresso.  Some of us consume herbal supplements like yerba mate or ginseng.  A few of us might drink energy drinks.  I wonder, though, if any of us out there consume drugs to stimulate the creative juices.  Let me know your experiences or what you’ve heard from others on this topic by sharing a comment below.

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A Note on Sleep

Sleep gives us time to process the learned information from the day.  It allows our brains time to recuperate, gives us dreams from which inspiration can be drawn, and it allows us to function well the next time we wake. Sleep is a critical component that can solve much of our issue with lack of clear thinking.  Before trying stimulants, take a look at this site for some healthy advice on reclaiming your natural brain function.


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