It’s Time to Break the Rules

Broken RulerFirsts in Fiction has continued to create new content for your learning and enjoyment.  Don’t miss our latest episode, where Aaron Gansky and I finish up our two part series on breaking the rules.  See the article on IO9 that inspired this episode here.



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Top 5 Writing Tools for Your Fiction


In case you missed it, we published a new episode of our weekly podcast, Firsts in Fiction. It goes up every Monday.  This week, Aaron and I discuss our favorite writing tools for getting the job done.  We highlight the top 5, and then spend some time on the other great tools out there.  Give us a listen and let us know what you think!

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The Human Element in a Metahuman World – Firsts in Fiction

heroesHey everybody! We’ve just put up a special, bonus cast on Firsts in Fiction.  Aaron and Nathan discuss writing heroes and story centering around the comic book greats.  How to create a really compelling story, bringing in the human element in a metahuman world. This cast is coming to you in addition to our normal weekly release–it’s just an extra for your enjoyment.

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