5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Writer's BlockLike most people, I suffer from writer’s block from time to time.  I usually find that I’m tired, bored, or stressed when I can’t bring myself to write.  It usually takes some work to get into the mode, but I’ve devised a list of some simple tips that won’t take too much effort to get you beyond that block.

  1. Write a different part of the book, or switch it up and write on another project for a while.  This is when it’s good to have a couple projects you’re working on, so you can switch between them when one of them isn’t working for you.
  2. Listen to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. Click Here to Listen. After listening, just try to be uninspired.
  3. Freewrite about anything that comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be about your current project, or anything in particular; it just needs to be something. Write about a television show you just watched, or a conversation you just had. This is to get you into the mode of writing.
  4. Exercise. Okay, nevermind…  This does take a bit more effort, but getting the blood flowing can do wonders for your brain! So maybe you could just try it.
  5. Listen to Podcasts about writing to get you fired up. This works wonders for me.  Here are a couple recommendations:

Firsts in Fiction: Click HERE to find it on Stitcher or Go to the Site (This is my podcast)
Writing Excuses: Go to their Site


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